Official Certificate from any institute is the most valuable thing to any student after the course completion. Educational Institutes significantly invest in designing, printing & sending Certificates to their students. PROCERT makes all these things possible in a few clicks and at 1/3rd the cost.


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Verify Certificate

PROCERT makes certificate verification process very easy. Every new certificate which is created & sent from the system is instantly available for anyone for validation. Every-time the verifier needs to check Google Recaptcha in order to block bots to access the certificate details. We specifically use the MOST SECURE option of Google Recaptcha for the best security.

Delivering your certificates

PROCERT uses the world’s largest email cloud SMTP platform - SendGrid to delivery all the certificates. SendGrid is trusted by 78,000+ businesses worldwide which include enterprises like Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, Glassdoor, etc. Every email is securely sent over Standard TLS Encryption along with an authenticated sender identity. This makes all of the certificates reach the recipients & institution’s INBOX without any hassles.


Cost Benefit

If we consider a yearly expenses on Certificate raw material, printing, plastic covers, man-power cost & courier charges(optional), you would using a significant chunk of funds. PROCERT brings the cost per certificate down to the ratio of 1:3

Elastic Cloud Storage

PROCERT uses the AWS Cloud Infrastructure to host the application and to upload, store & maintain all the certificate .PDF files in a safe & secure environment. There is no hard limit to how much OR how many certificates your educational firm can upload and store.

Security at its best

PROCERT uses 256Bit SSL Encryption to host every customer’s Certification System. The Certificate Verification Module requires the user to check Google Recaptcha for blocking bots to access the certificate details. We specifically use the MOST SECURE option of Google Recaptcha for the best security. Every uploaded certificate generates a unique randomly generated link for better security. As an add-on, we provide customers with individual IP whitelisting for restricted admin panel access.

average grades achieved by students in a specified time period

Reports & Analytics

PROCERT helps institutes visualize key insights based on their issuing of certificates on daily basis. As every institute is unique with their unique set of parameters, we allow our customers to define their use case which they wish to visualize. Let it be visualization based Types of Certificates, No. of Emails Sent, Emails Opens/Clicks, Grades OR Marks achieved, etc. we can custom build it for you.

Pricing (Monthly)



0 to 250 Certificates



250 to 500 Certificates



500 to 1000 Certificates


3/- each

1000+ Certificates

Add-On’s (One-Time)

Certificate Template Design

7,500/- each

Custom Reports / Graphs

5,000/- each

Custom Email Design

2,000/- each